An Extra, Extraordinary Bed!

Monday Jan 10 2011
by Fred Brick

It was back in 1901 that Vi-Springfirst gathered the craftsmen with skills to build exceptional beds.They were the first pocketed spring mattress manufacturer inthe world and are still regarded as the benchmark of quality.

Only the finest virgin natural materials are used by Vi-Spring craftsmen to create a sleeping surface which is breathable, healthier, safer and exceptionallysumptuous.

Their mattress borders are handsewn into the coil system with Flaxtwine. This ensures that thesprings remain closely nested and increases the sleeping area as there is no need for a restraining border rod, producing the legendary Vi-Spring comfort. Additional rows provide greater durability.

All Vi-Spring mattresses are, ‘no need to be turned’ however, with regular turning the mattress will function its best over time.

Their beds today grace some of the finest hotels and sit in thousands of bedrooms, large and small, traditional and contemporary, lavish and simple, around Europe and the world!

To create a life changing sleeping experience, Vi-Spring still make beds as they’ve always done - individually, with the skills of craftsmen’s hands.

Every Vi-Spring bed is in essence, an original, designed and built around the way you sleep. The spring count, the fillings, the ticking, the stitching; each vital component of your Vi-Spring bed is as you demand it. Which is in the end, the only way to make the perfect bed for you.

The copious volumes of fine cotton, pure lambs wool and longstranded horsehair (not to mention cashmere, mohair and silk in their finest beds) are all of the highest quality we can find and every vi-spring bed is as close to completely natural as they can make it. It’s the only way to make a bed that breathes as a bed should.

“Vi” represents, in roman numerals, the six coils in every spring they make and we haven’t even touched on the Vanadium steel wire!

It’s quite a mattress and no Coco, (my dog!), when a Vi-Spring mattress adorns the master bedroom, it’ll be mine, not yours!!!


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