The Bricks Fine Furniture History

Brick’s Fine Furniture was started in August of 1969 by Fred and Cynthia Brick. Fred’s boss had  died  suddenly, and Fred found himself unemployed.  So Fred & Cynthia decided they wanted to go into business for themselves.  They sold Fred’s coin collection and was able to amass  the sum of $1,400.00,  and with 3 children under 7, rented the space where Fred had worked, and decided they were in the furniture business.  At any rate, when they went to visit their bank manager, he wasn’t quite as confident, and basically said “no”.  They had already signed the lease, so they thought they would try another bank manager.  Thirteen bank managers later, they finally got an operating line of credit.  Now the job was to convince suppliers to ship merchandise to them.  Again, when the manufacturers credit departments looked at the  financial statement, they said no.  Two manufacturers said yes, and Brick’s Fine Furniture became very loyal to both of them.


The business grew, and seven years later, when their lease came up for renewal, they discovered that the landlord had leased it to someone, who was determined to occupy their space and take advantage of the business they had developed.  All of a sudden they had only a few months to move, and they attempted to rent or buy a new location. They found one, that seemed to suite their needs, but when they applied they could not get zoning.  Not to be deterred, they found another location, and when they put their offer in, the Vendor’s real estate agent bought it for $15,000.00 over their offer, and was willing to sell it back to them for $100,000.00 more. Well in desperation, they started to look for places to rent, and came across the Lombard location, but when they objected to the rental rate, the owner said “so why don’t you buy it”  He gave them a price.  Well beyond anything they could afford, but they were desperate and said yes.


Again back to the bank managers, and again, the “no’s”  So they put a mortgage on their house and convinced Cynthia’s mother to put a mortgage on  her house, and were able to make the down payment.  After 34 years on Lombard, it was time to sell, and they did.  Everyone thought they would retire, after all they had been running a business for 41 years, but retirements was not in their vocabulary. They  found space, in the heart of the theatre district in the exchange, at 145 Market Avenue, in 2010, and moved their store there.  Fred and Cynthia are still both actively involved in the day to day running of the business.  .

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