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It's no secret that I wasn't looking forward to retirement, but with our space being converted to condo units it seemed the right time to call it quits. I was aware when i moved in that condos were due in 5 to 6 years, but considering that i was almost 70 when we moved in. I figured who would want to keep working after 75. So we had our going out of Business Sale. Well, here i am now 75 with a poorly functioning hip but the head isn't agreeing with the body - what to do? Adjust and adapt! 

I decided that if I could find a smaller location, with a really good wheelchair ramp i could open up again, and use a scooter type of cart (It is the envy of the grandkids) for mobility.

I contracted Sandy Shindleman (who has always been there for me) asking if he could find me a smaller location that would be both accessible and affordable. And boy, did he deliver.

I am happy to say that we are now in our new location, 171 Bannatyne Avenue, just one block away from where we were. 

The move was horrendous, had to be done in two days. We needed all sorts of historical approvals from the city. But the signage is finally up, so it's easier to find us!

There isn't much room for 'stuff' and we are still in the 'sorting out' stage - but there are bargains to be had!

I really appreciated all the customers that came during this chaotic time and some even bought. It confirmed for me, that I made the right decision not to retire. 

Thankyou for allowing me to make this happen.

Cynthia Brick



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